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To ensure the good image of "FFSI", every application for membership is closely examined by the FFSI Board of Directors in respect of organisation, personnel, financial status, facilities, communication, activities, aggressiveness, reputation and planned expansion programme.


Member Criteria


To ensure the good image of "FFSI", every application for membership is closely examined by the FFSI Board of Directors in respect of organisation, personnel, financial status, facilities, communication, activities, aggressiveness, reputation and planned expansion programme.



"MEMBER" means an international freight forwarder which has been appointed by the Board of Directors. Such member becomes a "Network Office".

  • Each Network Office must nominate in writing to our NSO (Network Services Office) two "Accredited Representatives", either one of whom should attend all meetings. The Accredited Representatives shall be a Director, Partner, Proprietor or Manager. The appointment of the Accredited Representatives may at any time be revoked/changed by the Network Office in writing. The FFSI Board of Directors may similarly withdraw approval of any Accredited Representative.
  • An international freight forwarder may be a Network Office of the Association for the "Locality" they represent provided:
    • The international freight forwarder can provide acceptable levels of airfreight and seafreight services and operations.
    • The FFSI Board of Directors determines that appointment of the Network Office will be for the benefit of the Association and its members.
    • The FFSI Board of Directors shall define to a new Network Office the Locality they are authorised to represent.
    • The FFSI Board of Directors may appoint another Network Office in the Locality where a Network Office cannot provide acceptable levels of services and activities in particular areas of that Locality.
  • Each FFSI registered Network Office is entitled to publicise its full membership by showing on relevant printed materials the logo of FFSI for that purpose.
  • Any Network Office who intends to use "FETA FREIGHT SYSTEMS" as a trade name or to incorporate FETA FREIGHT SYSTEMS as a company in its Locality must secure an approval in writing from the FFSI Board of Directors.

Application for Membership

  • Any Network Office may recommend any prospective international freight forwarder to join FFSI.
  • The FFSI Board of Directors may invite any desirable international freight forwarder to join FFSI.
  • Application for membership shall be submitted in writing on a FFSI Application Form to the Chairman of the Membership Sub-Committee.
  • The FFSI Board of Directors shall, after the review, decide an appropriate course of action in the interest of the Association.
  • The NSO (Network Services Office) shall advise every applicant of the decision of the FFSI Board of Directors and, in the case of an application which has been approved, shall record the applicant's name and issue a debit note for the first annual subscription fees or a proportionate part thereof according to the month in which the application is accepted.

Criteria for Application for Membership

  • Must abide by the "FFSI" "Constitution".
  • Must execute "The Confirmation of Acceptance of the "FFSI" Accounts Settlement Policy".
  • The managing director or an authorised representative of the applicant company must be interviewed by the FFSI Board of Directors or any Director authorised by the FFSI Board of Directors.
  • Must agree to subscribe and support the FFSI Guarantee Fund and Research and Development Fund.
  • Must submit the latest audited financial statement together with the application.
  • Must pay the application processing fee of USD250.00 or such other amount as may from time to time determined by the FFSI Board of Directors together with the completed application form.

Additional Advantageous Criteria

  • Preferably hold an IATA appointment or equivalent Local Licensing requirement.
  • Preferably have a minimum paid-up capital of US$100,000.00 or equivalent.
  • Preferably having qualified branches in other cities in its own Locality/Country.
  • Preferably submit either a Certificate or Letter of Appointment from at least two major international carriers.
  • Preferably be a member of a national freight forwarders' association or an equivalent recognised body in its Locality supported by a letter of confirmation from such association or equivalent body or copy of a certificate.
  • Preferably to be able to work with at least 50 percent of the existing Network Offices of the Association.

Benefits of FFSI Membership

  • The immediate availability of a global network of reputable international freight forwarders.
  • Participation in our annual FFSI Worldwide Conference (usually held in March or April) where Network Offices from all over the world meet at a single venue thereby saving travel time, money and energy. These meetings also offer participation in our annual appraisal and rewards event, always a major highlight.
  • Participation in our annual Top Gun sales challenge.
  • The ability to make One-on-One meeting schedules with participants in Conferences using the FFSI Online One-on-One Meeting Scheduler.
  • The close monitoring and effective protection of Accounts Receivables between members using the FFSI Online Monthly Accounts Receivables System.
  • The services of an effective and experienced "Executive Committee" which continuously analyses transport trends, policies and systems in order to expand and improve the benefits.
  • The collection and dissemination of updated market information of countries, courtesy of each member, through the FFSI Network Services Office (NSO).
  • Continuous research and development in the following areas:
    • Communication system which may eventually be the basis for an integrated EDI system for Network Offices.
    • An accounting system which allows close monitoring of account settlement among all Network Offices.
    • A sales and marketing system to promote business growth.
  • Provides a fertile climate for improving business growth through productive interaction among Network Offices.
  • Provides the opportunity to develop friendships and new business activities on an international level.
  • Provides the opportunity to approach large potential accounts and offer the combined services and rates of FETA Freight Systems as a regional freight forwarder.


FFSI is a fully matured freight forwarders organisation established in 1982 with the vision "To create a Global Network of largely independent and highly professional Freight Forwarding & Logistics companies operating in harmony worldwide". It is managed with tested network policies that intend to ensure the security of members in over 70 countries covering more than 180 cities worldwide (check out our global network map at Our mission is "To provide, through our Network Offices, the highest standards of competitive service delivery based on the principle of utmost integrity and offering personalised solutions to meet with every customer's requirements".

Many of our members are or have also been members of other cargo organisations for various reasons, but their serious dedication is to FFSI . At FFSI , we are more than just a group of freight forwarders. We are a family, almost like a fraternity. Our driving force is the desire to grow business with each other in an atmosphere of friendship, respect, familiarity and self-discipline.

Our payment security system is arguably the best of any similar Association with only a US$500.00 annual contribution to the Guarantee Fund. Members have bankruptcy coverage up to US$100,000.00. Our system also offers extra protection of outstanding receivables with an early warning advice and the services of an effective mediation committee. We are proud of our excellent record for over 30 years.

Our members find it unnecessary to execute bilateral agency agreements with each other because our FFSIConstitution, FFSI Manual, FFSI Account Settlement Policy and FFSI Code of Ethics to which all are signatories provide a comprehensive network "contract". These policies are undergoing constant refinement, improvement and legal study by our Board of Executive Committee whose accumulated experience ensures that they are adequate, relevant and up-to-date.

Our Future Goals

FFSI organizes annual worldwide conferences where all serious and dedicated members' top executives converge at one venue for exhaustive one-on-one discussions for 3 days. There is no need to travel alone all over the world to meet your partners. Our conferences are designed to provide ample time for serious one-on-one business meetings (these meetings may be scheduled by the participants themselves using our FFSI On-line Meeting Scheduler) and excellent events that bring our members much closer together. We believe that this is the best way to meet all your global partners: more economical, optimum time spent, less tiring, more productive and, in fact, enjoyable; and the conference fee is reasonably priced, depending on the venue selected.

FFSI also organizes annual Sales & Marketing Meetings where Senior Sales Staff (even top executives attend these meetings) roll up their sleeves to do person-to-person sales work with the rest of the world; but this time the meeting fee is a nominal amount per participant while the majority of the arrangements are fully subsidized by FFSI . The participants spend is only for their transport fare and group rate hotel accommodations. Just like our conferences, our Sales Meetings are dynamic and enjoyable while allowing the unique FFSI Spirit to engulf those in the Sales front line. No other network organisation offers subsidized and very productive meetings like these!

The above global events alone are enough to get back true value from our moderate annual membership fee. Of course, we have many other services that work for you, not marketing hype or empty promises, but systems that actually work. To find out more about this, please visit our web site at .

Stop wondering which forwarder network to choose. Learn from the experiences of our members. Choose FFSI.

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