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FFSI Background FFSI Background


What is FETA? What is FETA?

FETA stands for the Far East Transportation Association which was established in 1982 by a group of Far East Asia-based freight forwarders with the objective of jointly seeking selectively reliable, aggressive and, preferably, locally managed companies to form a strong strategic global network of alliances. Through the years, FETA was able to establish effective policies to control the performance of its members in the areas of account settlement, sales and marketing, communications services and network management.

Our Future Goals Our Future Goals

The vision of its founders was fulfilled when representation in over 180 cities located in 70 countries created a quality multinational service that increased every member's capability to serve its customers and to effectively compete with global freight forwarders.

Our Growth Our Growth

In March 2000, in order to enhance the impact of FETA as an effective global Association, the Board of Executive Committee approved to adopt the Association marketing name to be Feta Freight Systems International or in short FFSI. The future in the freight forwarding industry is quite clear. One must be a part of an effective global system to stay competitive. Local companies may attempt to globalise themselves but at a much slower pace and at greater financial exposure. Even multinational companies who do not have an expansive global coverage find that FFSI offers an option that can fast track this objective.

Our Growth Our Growth

Our Vision Our Vision

Our Mission Our Mission

To create a Global Network of largely independent and highly professional Freight Forwarding & Logistics companies operating in harmony worldwide.

Our Mission Our Mission

To provide, through our Network Offices, the highest standards of competitive service delivery based on the principle of utmost integrity and offering personalised solutions to meet with every customer's requirements.

Benefits of FFSI Membership Benefits of FFSI Membership

  • The immediate availability of a global network of reputable international freight forwarders.
  • Participation in our annual FFSI Worldwide Conference (usually held in March or April) where Network Offices from all over the world meet at a single venue thereby saving travel time, money and energy. These meetings also offer participation in our annual appraisal and rewards event, always a major highlight.
  • Participation in our annual Top Gun sales challenge.
  • The ability to make One-on-One meeting schedules with participants in Conferences using the FFSI Online One-on-One Meeting Scheduler.
  • The close monitoring and effective protection of Accounts Receivables between members using the FFSI Online Monthly Accounts Receivables System.
  • The services of an effective and experienced "Executive Committee" which continuously analyses transport trends, policies and systems in order to expand and improve the benefits.
  • The collection and dissemination of updated market information of countries, courtesy of each member, through the FFSI Network Services Office (NSO).
  • Continuous research and development in the following areas:
    • Communication system which may eventually be the basis for an integrated EDI system for Network Offices.
    • An accounting system which allows close monitoring of account settlement among all Network Offices.
    • A sales and marketing system to promote business growth.
  • Provides a fertile climate for improving business growth through productive interaction among Network Offices.
  • Provides the opportunity to develop friendships and new business activities on an international level.
  • Provides the opportunity to approach large potential accounts and offer the combined services and rates of FETA Freight Systems as a regional freight forwarder.

Board of Directors Board of Directors

Chris Waterson Chairman South Africa
Anthony Wong Chief Executive Officer Taiwan
Angus Hind Director Commercial United Kingdom
Francis Ng Director Finance Hong Kong
Christian Glitscher Director Information Technology Germany
Nicolle Huggler Director Services South Africa
FFSI Corporate Headquarters Staff FFSI Corporate Headquarters Staff
Ada Lai
Hong Kong
FFSI Network Service Office Staff FFSI Network Service Office Staff
Joy Mortel

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Hong Kong Hong Kong

Corporate Headquarters Corporate Headquarters
Unit 1317-1319
13/F Regent Centre
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South Africa South Africa

Chairman's Office Chairman's Office
49 Director Road
P.O. Box 2592
Kempton Park 1620
South Africa
(27) (0) 113922002
(27) (0) 113922599

Philippines Philippines

Network Services Office Network Services Office
Feta Freight Systems International
P.O. Box 208
Las Pinas Central Post Office
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